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TurboForth is by Mark Wills and can be placed in an EPROM in a module or it can run using a TI99/4a emulator. It is compliant with Forth 83.

TurboForth Features:

  • Fast execution
  • F83 Compliant
  • Built-in source code editor
  • 31K of RAM free - TurboForth only uses 700 bytes of CPU RAM
  • Supports 40 column text mode
  • Supports 80 column text mode - including the editor (V9938/58 video card or F18A video chip required)
  • Supports 32 column text mode
  • 32 sprites
  • True lower case character set
  • Speech supported - both from the Speech Synthesizer built in ROM or raw speech data
  • Supports blocks files up to 1MB
  • Blocks live in VDP memory, not CPU memory, leaving all of RAM free for your code
  • Up to 6 blocks in memory at one time
  • Built in block cache - TurboForth will not load a block if it's already in memory
  • Supports generic File I/O (Display, Variable, Internal, Fixed, Relative etc)
  • Up to 3 files open at once
  • Compatible with TI Disk controllers, Myarc Disk controllers, RAM Disks, hard disk drives (IDE and SCSI), CF7, CF7A, and nanoPEB

More information at http://turboforth.net