Video Enhancement Cards

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Video Controller Card (TI)


Dijit Advanced Video Processor Card (AVPC)


Foundation 80-Column Card

This card allowed connection of an 80-column, monochrome display to the TI-99/4A. It drew power from the system bus but did not directly interface with the rest of the TI-99/4A computer. All data I/O was through a 25-pin RS-232 serial connector extending out the back of the machine and video went through an RCA connector located beside the data connector. There was no provision for sound. The only device designed to actually use the interface was the Foundation CP/M card, which made the card of no practical use to most TI owners. Very few examples of this card survive. Its primary use was as a terminal screen in 80 columns, a definite benefit of you planned to do a lot of word processing on your TI.

Mechatronics 80-Column Card


SNUG Enhanced Video Processor Card (EVPC)

See article SNUG Enhanced Video Processor Card

OPA TI Image Maker (TIM) 80-Column Board


F18A Video Board

The F18A and F18A-MK2 are FPGA implementations of the Texas Instruments TMS-9918A VDP family.