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General information

When you access our website, information of general nature is collected. These informations are stored in server log files and specify the kind of web browser you are using, the used operating system, the domain name of your ISP and similar points. These informations do not expose any personal data. They are technically required to ensure a correct service of the website contents and are always generated on accesses to websites on the Internet. Anonymous information of this kind is processed statistically to optimize the website service and the supporting technology, and to detect and prevent malicious attacks against this website.


Like most other websites, our website uses Cookies (HTTP State Management Mechanism, RFC 6265). Cookies are text-based files that are downloaded by your browser from our web server. Cookies may contain information like your IP address, browser, operating system, or other information pertaining to your interaction with our website.

Cookies contain information gathered during your interaction with our server. They cannot contain malicious code that could be executed on your computer in any way. They cannot cause any program to be started on your computer. Cookies are required to keep track of your previous actions with our website, in particular, whether you have logged in or not. Also, navigation and customization is enhanced.

In no case will cookies be sent by us to any third party. Also, cookies will not be linked to any person-related information.

You can choose to reject the acceptance of cookies in the settings of your browser. Browsers are typically configured to accept cookies by default. Please consult the manual of your browser to find out how to change the default behavior. Note that by rejecting cookies, you may experience limitations in using our website. Specifically, you may be unable to log in and to create and save text on our server.

Registration on our website

You may register on our site (create an account) to be able to add your own information to our site, and to access areas that are not open to public access. We do not collect and personal information from you beyond your freely chosen login name, password, and contact E-mail address. You may at any time change your personal settings or remove your registration again. If desired, you will be informed by us about any data that has been stored about you on our website. Also, you may let your account and data be removed by us, provided that all legal storage requirements are complied. To get in contact with us, please use our contact E-Mail address that you will find on the bottom of this page.

Encrypted communication

To ensure the privacy of your submitted data, state-of-the-art encryption technology is generally applied (TLS, formerly known as SSL). You can verify the effectiveness by checking the address bar of your browser, which should show "https" and some indication like a padlock or similar to prove that the communication is encrypted.

Comment functions

All your editing on our page will be recorded together with your user name and the date of change. This must be done to ensure that any kind of contribution may be reliably associated with an author who will be made responsible for these editings.


When you get in contact with us by E-Mail or by a contact form, your user name, the date and time of submission, and the contents of your request will be stored for processing.

Deletion or blocking of data

We abide by the notion of low data footprint. We will store your personal-related data only for the time required to fulfill the service of our website and according to legal requirements. When the purpose of service or the storage time according to legislative regulation has expired, the data will we blocked or deleted.

Usage of Google Maps or other geographic services

This website may make use of Google Maps API or similar services to display geographic information. During the usage of Google Maps or similar services, data may be collected by the service providere, related to the usage of map functions by the user. You can find further information about data processing related to these activities at the respective service providers.

Embedded YouTube video clips

Some pages of this website may contain video clips from Youtube. This service is provided by YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA. When you visit Youtube pages, you establish a connection to the servers of Youtube. During this connection, Youtube will collect information about your visited websites. When you are logged into your Youtube account, Youtube will be able to associate this information with your account. You can prevent this association by logging out of your Youtube account before watching the videos.

When a Youtube video clip is started, the service provider may use Cookies to collect information about the visited websites. If you blocked Cookies of the Google-Ad program, you can be sure not to receive Cookies when watching Youtube videos. However, Youtube also collects non-personal data in Cookies. If you want to avoid this, you have to block all Cookies in your browser.

You can find more privacy information on Youtube in Google's privacy policy at .

Your legal rights

You have the right to get information about all your personal data stored at our server at any time. You have the right to get your personal data corrected, blocked, or deleted, as long as this does not contradict the legel requirements for storage of personal data. Please contact us by the address below if you have questions.


This privacy policy may be changed or amended at any time, when, for example, legal regulations have changed or further services are planned to be integrated. The new policy is effective for you from the next visit of our website.

This privacy policy was produced by the policy generator of the activeMind AG, and translated and adapted by the author of this website.