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Win994a is a TI-99/4A simulator written by Cory Burr that installs and runs in the Windows environment.

Most Recent Version: 3.008

More Information & Download:

Win994A FAQ

Can I run Win994a in Wine on a Linux or Mac system?

The answer at this point is no. I gave this a try with a Wine 1.0 build and it installed and laucnhed with no problems. But the redraw of certain parts of the window doesn't show up and you can't move things around. It will function but it's not usuable.

Can I code on my PC and then transfer it into Win994a?

Yes. The Win994a Disk Manager utility allows you to import/export PC text, FIAD and BASIC source files. This is very powerful because it let's you edit in great tools like TextPad, VIM, and emacs where you are more comfortable and probably a lot faster!

Can I connect to a printer so I can print out stuff within Win994a?

The RS232 emulation works in Win994a but it does not allow you to connect to a real device (modem, printer, etc). What it does is allow you to output data to a serial device (RS232, PIO) and once that connection is closed it will bring up a print dialog box in Windows where you can then print to a printer or other device. If you hava a PDF driver you could even print out to a PDF document rather than the printer.

So you cannot communicate with real devices but you can get a print out by leveraging print devices that Windows has. For example, in TI BASIC you can do the following:

  1. Open the the RS232 port with: OPEN #1:"RS232.EC"
  2. Load up your BASIC/XB program either from disk or by typing it in.
  3. List it to the RS232 port with: LIST "RS232"

How do I import a text file of a Basic program from my PC into Win994a?

I would like to point out that kind of text editor you use and the format of the saved file is important. Not all editors save files the same way or have the same line endings. I did this test with a program called TextPad. If you use WordPad or Notepade then I would suggest you go to and download this. It will blow the doors off of those poorly written tools.

Here is what I did:

  1. In TextPad I created a Basic program and saved it as "TEST.BAS".
  2. In Win994a Disk Manager I browsed for a disk image and then clicked on "Import BASIC Source".
  3. I selected my "TEST.BAS" file and then it asks me what I want to call the file on the TI Disk. I named it "TEST".
  4. I closed the Win994a Disk Manager and then opened Win994a with my disk image loaded and Extended Basic as a cartridge.
  5. In Extended Basic I "Merged" in the file with the following command: MERGE DSK1.TEST

That's it! Now I can save the program, run it or add to it.

Where do I get software and/or roms for Win994a?

You don't have to! The good news is that the installation of Win994a contains an entire library of cassettes, diskettes and cartridges for the TI. You just install and go!

How can I get Basic and XB files from Win994a to my PC?

If you have the FREE program PDF995 on your PC as one of your 'printers' on your machine, then you can do a {List "PIO"} from the command line of any program.

You can then chose PDF995 as your printer and print the listing on your PC as a .pdf file.

Then use the [highlight & copy] feature of Adobe Reader to save the listing to a WordPad or a Notepad document. Save the file you have just completed!

Now you have a PC .txt file of your Basic or XBasic program that can be edited and used in the Win994a Disk Manager to make into a {Merge} file that can be saved out as a Basic or XBasic program.

What is the Win994a Disk Manager?

This utility program is part of the Win994a suite. It's a great tool for doing the following operations:

  1. Creating Disk and Tape images
  2. Importing/Exporting Text files
  3. Importing/Exporting FIAD files
  4. Importing/Exporting BASIC source files

In short it not only helps to create image files, it also allows you to import/export data to and from those image files.

I cannot see or load my disk image file in one of the Win994a tools, what is wrong?

If you open an image with one of the tools, Win994a Disk Manager for instance, it will essentially lock or hold the file. This means that while it is open you cannot open it with the emulator. So if you know a valid file exists then make sure it is not open with one of the other tools.