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Active supporter of the TI and Geneve community. Author of the still-active and supported S&T BBS for the TI and Geneve, CYA, MYS, PORT terminal emulator, BITREMOVER, ANSI Viewer, ANSI TOOLS, GR-BASE, and others. Maintainer of the Geneve Operating System (MDOS). Improvements to other parties programs including Archiver (hard drive support), EXEC, Birdwell's Disk Utilities, MyWord, Directory Manager, MYS, Super Mass Transfer, Mass Transfer. Prior employee of Cecure Electronics during official TI, Myarc, and RAVE support period. Responsible for extending Myarc repair support to the community upon Cecure's exit from the repair business. Continues to repair and upgrade hardware including regulator and capacitor replacement, HFDC stability, Geneve 384K RAM, Geneve PFM flash device, and more.