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Hello! My name is Tim and I have been a 99er enthusiast since Christmas of 1982. I had been wanting a computer for several years since seeing the TRS-80 in Radio Shack catalogs and was elated when I received the TI-99/4A (my first computer) as a present. It was a great addition to my TI collection (Spirit of 76 calculator, Little Professor, and Speak & Spell). I spent many joyful nights playing games, hand jamming programs and writing programs of my own.

In 1985, I got a TeleVideo TS-803 CP/M computer and a TRS-80 Model 100 which soon led me to getting a job in 1986 as a CAD/CAM systems engineer and soon afterwards the TI-99/4A was neglected.

This past September, I was browsing YouTube and found a TI-99/4A video posted by Omega. He inspired me to dig it out of storage, clean off the cobwebs, set it up and start using it again.

His video led me to the discover the 99er community which made me awestruck and humbled at how active, knowledgeable, talented, helpful, giving and loyal they are. I was so excited to jump in and contribute.

I have never had as much fun as I am having now with my TI! Well, maybe that Christmas morning unwrapping that beautiful silver and black console!

Warm regards and happy 99ing!!