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Dr. Thierry Nouspikel - TI Hardware Developer


Also to be found on at:*/

Thierry was born in Switzerland and trained as an MD, but never actually practiced medicine, since he found out in medical school that he loved research much better than clinics.

Thierry acquired his first TI-99/4A while doing a rotation in the urology surgery department as part of his medical training. Another rotating student was a TI-99/4A fan and told him so much about it that he decided to buy one. His first console used only a cassette tape interface. Later he decided to buy a second-hand, fully loaded PE-box, with memory expansion, disk drive and controller, RS232 card and p-code card.

Often, since Thierry did not have software which he wanted, he would write his own. This included a GPL assembler, a grom based disassembler, many utilities to load and/or copy routines, tutorials on multitasking and keyboard input and many other programs which one can also find on his website at

Thierry was the lead person in the development of new PEB cards (IDE and USB) that gave many new options to the TI community. The information that he provided for his designs was excellent and the software he wrote for the cards was very useful.

Thierry’s website has been honored with the Edgar Mauk Award and the Rob Tempelmans Plat Award. This site is probably the most comprehensive and complete source of information about the hardware and software components of the TI-99/4A. Thierry was also awarded the 2004 and 2005 Jim Peterson Achievement Awards for his contributions in TI-99/4A hardware.

Inducted into the TI99ers Hall of Fame on July 6, 2006

Bio taken from - Biography prepared by Berry Harmsen and Peter Killick