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  • 99-CALC by Phil Barnes
  • CONSOLE CALC (aka TI-PLANNER) by DataBiotics (Galen Read)
  • COUNT-SIL by Systems Interface
  • DELPLAN (aka HOMEPLAN) by Bob Delpit
  • FREEFORM by Texas Instruments
  • HOMEPLAN (aka DELPLAN) by Bob Delpit
  • MINI-CALC by Advanced Software
  • MINI-PLAN by Complete Software
  • MITI-CALC by Milo Tsukroff
  • MULTIPLAN by Microsoft Corp.
  • SNAP CALC by Gary Strauss
  • SPREADSHEET by Peter Chalamish
  • TI-99/4A CALC by Gregory Schmalhofer
  • TI-CALC by Raymond J. Herrold
  • TI-MINI-CALC by Orion Software