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Officially released TI Modules and Peripherals for the TI99/4a are marked with a serial number which indicates the place and date of manufacture.

The serial number may give a limited indication of the version of software contained in the device - TI made continuing changes which have not been documented.

A typical serial number (from a console) is 5081255 LTA3782.

The final digits indicate manufacture in week 37 of 1982.

The letters LTA indicate place of manufacture- some of those used by TI include:

ATA was Abilene, Texas, America
ATD (not used for the TI99/4a) was Austin Texas 
ACH was Almelo, Common Market, Holland.
LTA was the main TI99/4a facility, Lubbock in Texas, America.
RCI was Rieti, Common Market, Italy.

This format was used on other TI products after 1976