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US$15.00 plus p&p

The basis of the program is as follows: You select a month/year and that month is displayed on screen in usual calendar format.

You may move around to select a specific day, and check to see what is listed for the day, or edit the entry for the day, which is virtually a full screen of data.

You may print out the entries for any day or series of days within the displayed month- print outs are in two columns of 40 characters.

And there is a splendid FIND routine which operates quite quickly. Let's say you wanted to find every day in the month with the word LUNCH in the data. Type in the word and if LUNCH appears anywhere in the data for a day, a tick will appear in the calender box. and you can move the cursor to the box and check the full data.

If the date has any data there is a blob in the box, empty boxes have no data.

A fairly simple utility- useful utilities generally are simple- and if you need computer assistance to keep track of yourself, this one is well worth lookinq at.