ROMset v0.2

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When we give an indicaton about the PCB, we also need to point the images to the locations on the PCB. So I'll try this for Extendec Basic at first:

    <bin id="rom_bank_1" file="exbasc.bin" crc="" sha1="" />
    <bin id="rom_bank_2" file="exbasd.bin" crc="" sha1="" />
    <bin id="grom" file="exbasg.bin" crc="" sha1="" />

    <region type="rom" where="cpu">
       <map id="rom_bank_1" start="0x6000" length="0x2000" />
       <map id="rom_bank_2" start="0x6000" length="0x2000" />
    <region type="rom" where="grom" tag="std">  
       <map id="grom" start="0x6000" length="0x8000" />

    <system driver="ti99_4a" pcb="rom2bank+grom"/>
    <system driver="ti99_4ae" pcb="rom2bank+grom"/>
    <system driver="ti99_8" pcb="rom2bank+grom"/>

    <item set="exbas" name="Extended Basic" maker="Texas Instruments" year="1981">
       <uses tag="std" />

cpu region is referenced as REGION_CPU1 in the code, grom is REGION_USER1.

  • system attribute must have multiplicities, so I introduced an element.
  • We don't know which ROM is at which bank number.