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PILOT was a textual programming language intended to make textual interaction easier.

For the TI99/4a-

Stephen Shaw produced an Extended Basic version of Pilot. Some documentation was published in the Sydney User Group News Digest.

PILOT 99 was a different version in machine code by Thomas Weithoffer (who died too young at 22 from Cystic Fibrosis) which loaded with Editor Assembler

A sample of PILOT 99:

R: Clear 32 col screen. Cursor to top left 
LP: 24 
R: LOOP 24 times 
TH: :42:
R: Type and Hang 
R: end loop 
(the END statement E: is essential!)

All we have done is fill a screen with asterisks!

PILOT 99 commands have one or two letters followed by a colon. which is sometimes followed by statement data. The Pilot word may also have a modifier.