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MESS version features and issues

MESS is a powerful multi-system emulator, but as with all such complex systems, they collect more and more issues over the years. In this case it's even worse: The original code maintainer who was responsible for the TI-99 portions of the emulator seems to have backed out of the project some years ago.

As the development of the emulator continued, changes in the emulator core broke several features of the TI emulation, making it virtually unusable. The last version known to be running adequately was 0.97.

In the last weeks I managed to clear the worst issues, so we slowly get back to a usable emulator. Of course, a lot of issues still remain. Although there is a Bugzilla for MESS, I'll also put the problems on these pages as a quick reference.

For an overview related to MESS versions, see the version history. It informs you about bug fixes, open issues, and regressions.

Below I described some of the issues in more detail. Also have a look at the "non-issues". Not every surprising reaction is actually a bug.

The issues discussed in those pages relate to the version 0.121.