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NOTE: MESS had a complete redesign at version 0.145, where expansion cards became virtual "plug ins" which made the addition of new cards to the code base easier. The DIP switches then became sensitive to what cards you had "inserted" into your emulation. The changes to the whole MESS emulator at that time were severe and required considerable work on the TI emulator code. The following note applies ONLY up to version 0.142:

Selecting the hardware to emulate when using the MESS emulator.

The MESS emulator permits you to choose and select the emulation of TI hardware by setting virtual DIP switches.

With the emulator running, you can access the selection screen by pressing Scroll Lock and then Tab. Move the selector using your arrow keys etc to choose DIP Switches.

You can now choose which RAM memory expansion card you wish to have attached to your virtual TI system (eg TI 32k, Myark 512k etc)- move the selector to RAM then press the right arrow key to select. When finished move the selector down to select something else or return to the prior menu.

You may also select which disk controller you wish to emulate in a similar manner.

Other hardware is selected as either on or off - speech synthesiser, IDE card, RS232 card, HSGPL, Mechatronic Mouse, USB-SM card and so on.

Selecting differing hardware will in some cases allow you to use extra facilities in your programs. If a piece of emulated hardware is incompatible with a certain program you can select it to off.