MDOS usage

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Magic keys

ShiftL and ShiftR are the left and right shift keys.

CTRL - Alt - Del

A well known combination from PC usage, this sequence restarts MDOS without booting. It is equivalent to calling

BLWP @>0000

in a program run in MDOS.

When in the GPL manager, this combination exits the GPL manager and returns to MDOS.

CTRL - ShiftL - ShiftR

With this combination you can cause a reboot of the system, i.e. the memory is cleared and tested, and MDOS is loaded from disk or harddrive. This is basically the same state as after turning the system on.

When in GPL mode (TI-99 simulation), this combination returns control to the GPL manager.

ShiftL - ShiftR - ESC

Launches the debugger if it has been installed; it causes a


and is therefore equivalent to the LOAD interrupt which can be externally triggered.

Alt - PrtSc

Copies the contents of the screen to the printer.

CTRL - C, CTRL - Break

Stops program execution (if interrupts are enabled).

CTRL - S, CTRL - NumLock

Halts screen output.

CTRL - P, CTRL - PrtScr

Starts / Stops logging mode (output i copied to the printer).