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Following an "organisational" meeting in November 1981, the Los Angeles-South Bay Computer Club had its first regular meeting at the Torrance Library in the Torrance Civic Center on Wednesday, January 27, 1982. There were approximately 20 people present. The initial President was Bob Saunders. Secretary was Lietta Wood, described as "TI rep for this area".

Also in January 1982 they issued their first newsletter, then called TI Topics, which became in 1983 TopIcs, and the group became known as the LA 99ers Computer Group.

The group was one which produced regular good sized newsletters many of which can be read on the website and produced several special article collections including one on Forth.

The San Fernando Valley group originated as a local chapter of the LA group.

The June 1983 issue of TopIcs had a brief mention of Terries Corner which became a regular item and in August 1983 raised the issue of "user groups" which were not groups at all but individuals operating as businesses and taking subscriptions for services. Terrie Masters was initially tasked with record keeping and newsletter exchange.

August 1983 saw the first program listing contributed by Chick De Marti.