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Text formatting markup

Description You type You get
applies anywhere
Italic text ''italic'' italic
Bold text '''bold''' bold
Bold and italic '''''bold & italic''''' bold & italic
Escape wiki markup <nowiki>no ''markup''</nowiki> no ''markup''
Fixed width text

<tt>Fixed width text</tt>

Fixed width text

only at the beginning of the line
Indent text

:Single indent
::Double indent
:::::Multiple indent

Single indent
Double indent
Multiple indent
Headings of

different levels [1]

=level 1=[2]
==level 2==
===level 3===
====level 4====
=====level 5=====
======level 6======

  1. An article with four or more headings will automatically create a table of contents.
  2. Use of a level 1 heading is highly discouraged as it appears with the same formatting and size as the page title, which can be confusing.