Alternative MESS front-ends

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MESS can be operated fully on the command line. In Linux this means to launch the executable (named mess, mess64, messd, or mess64d), in Windows this is MESS.EXE or MESSPP.EXE.

The MESS system includes a graphical user interface (MESSUI). Using this GUI you can start up MESS, configure the emulation, select mounted disks and cartridges, without using the command line.

However, recent MAME and MESS versions show that MAMEUI/MESSUI starts to fall apart. This is due to the fact that it is a separate component in MESS which is currently not maintained. In near future this part of MESS will possibly stop functioning at all, and will have to be removed.

However, this does not mean that we force everyone back on the command line. There are numerous projects dedicated to alternative GUIs (front-ends) for MAME and MESS. Effectively from now (MESS 0.142) I recommend that everyone using MESSUI have a look at one of those and to continue working with MESS using such a front-end.


Download QMC2 from