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TIDIR is a Windows program (built with Windows XP) written by Fred Kaal for use with PC emulators of the TI99/4a. It runs perfectly in Linux with the WINE emulator. Fred released the program for free use by anyone.

screenshot of TIDIR in action

TI99/4a emulators running on a PC can use a PC file to represent a TI file, or to represent a TI disk. There are several formats of TI Disk from single sided single density upwards, but the emulators use basically two different ways of representing TI disks as files.

TIDIR allows you to create emulated TI disks and move files between them, or convert disk format. It can access files creates with Barry Boone's Archiver.

TIDIR directly allows you to examine the contents of an emulated TI disk, including reading DV80 files, listing programs, and since v4.2a viewing TI Artist pictures.

Since v5.2b it has been able to show MyArt images.

Supports compact Flash disk image copying for the nanoPEB and Compact Flash 7 devices.

Fred's current web page with the current TI DIR (6.2a) is at:

http://www.ti99-geek.nl/ (Projects-> Ti99Dir)

Fred was inducted into the TI99ers Hall of Fame on June 24, 2007