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== SNUG TI-99/4P ==
== SNUG TI-99/4P ==
An unofficial name used  without TI's consent to refer to the [[SNUG#SGCPU|SNUG Second Generation CPU card]].


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P-Code Card


IEEE-488 Interface


ForTI Card


Super MODEM Card


Berlin User's Group Speech Adapter


Cecure MBP Clock Card


CorComp Triple-Tech Card

Triple Tech

Foundation CP/M Card

This card didn't actually ship with CP/M. Instead, it shipped with RP/M, a CP/M binary workalike. The card had some pretty harsh reviews when it first came out because it operated as an independent CP/M machine, but as a CP/M interface for the TI, it actually worked pretty well. Disks used the popular Kaypro 2 format, so software from other CP/M machines was relatively easy to use. Only three examples of this card are known to survive, two of them without the necessary operating system disks.

Morning Star CP/M Card

Only a small number of this card were sold, primarily due to the high list price. Several are known to exist, as at least two complete systems with with the necessary Operating System have been identified. At least one is in the United States and there is one more in Italy. The manual is Digital Research CP/M. The Card uses an Intel 8085, 8 bit microprocessor. The disk system uses the Osborne 1 format.

One US user also has an original copy of the "PERSONAL PEARL" Data Base for the card. he had no problems with the card or system once it was set up and used it to run Word Star for awhile.

Available Software Offered by MorningStar:

  • Personal Pearl
  • Super Writer
  • Business Master Plus
  • Supported languages, from Pascal to Fortran to ADA


See article SNUG


An unofficial name used without TI's consent to refer to the SNUG Second Generation CPU card.