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The Edgar Awards Mauk

Since the "Treffen" Meeting in the year 2000, there have been awards in recognition of contributions to the European TI community.

These awards are named after Edgar (Eddy) Mauk (deceased in 1992), a fanatical TI user from Bavaria.

year held in award for Winner Nat For
2000 (treffen 15) Gent (BE) Hardware Michael Becker D SNUG cards
Software Paolo Bagnaresi I E/A Software
Internet Thierry Nouspikel CH Site: TI-Tech
Newsletter Marcel de Gier NL T1jdingen (TIGG)
Community Stephen Shaw UK TI in the UK
2001 (treffen 17) Nottingham(UK) Hardware Thierry Nouspikel CH IDE card
Software Harald Glaab D DSR for SNUG
Internet Fabrice Montupet F Site: TI99 Forever
Newsletter Wolfgang Bertsch D Errorfree disks
Community Berry Harmsen NL USA Contacts
2002 (treffen 16) Wuppertal(DE) Hardware Michael Becker D SNUG Cards
Software Fred Kaal NL SCSI software
Internet Dirk Seinfeld D Site: Bromosel
Newsletter Paul Saunders UK TI*MES (TIUGUK)
Community Roger Muijs B Organising Treffen
2003 (treffen 18) Wenen (AT) Hardware Thierry Nouspikel CH USB Card
Software Wolfgang Bertsch D TIllionaire
Informatie Alan Bray UK Site: Bricktop
Community Kurt Radowitsch AT Organising Treffen
2004 (treffen 19) Birkenau (DE) Hardware Michael Becker D SNUG Card
Software Fred Kaal NL TI & PC Software
Informatie Marcel de Gier NL Tijdingen (TIGG)
Community Oliver Arnold D Organising Treffen
2005 (treffen 20) Venlo(NL) Computer Wolfgang Bertsch D TI Software
Community Richard Twyning UK Support TIUGUK
2006 (treffen 21) Flensburg (DE) Computer Fred Kaal NL TI & PC Software
Community Jens-Eike Hartwig D Organising Treffen
2007 (treffen 22) Hilversum (NE) Computer Thierry Nouspikel CH TI Hardware
Community Marcel de Gier NL Tijdingen (TIGG)
2008 (treffen 23) Paderborn (DE) Computer Mark Robert Wills UK Site: Planet 99
Torben Anderson DK
Community Martin Zeddies D Organising Treffen
Jörg Kirstan D
2009 (treffen 24) Wenen (AT) Computer Filip van Vooren B Transfer Games
Community Kurt Radowitsch AT Organising Treffen
2010 (treffen 25) Nottingham (UK) Computer Gary Smith UK Design New Geneve
Community Trevor Stevens UK Support TIUGUK
2011 (treffen 26) Rome (IT) Computer Mark Roberts Wills UK Turbo Forth Module
Community Ermanno Betori I Organising Treffen
Community Klaus Lukaschek AT Italian TI Group
2012 (treffen 27) Augsburg (DE) Computer Michael Zapf D MESS Development
Community Oliver Arnold D Organising Treffen
Community Ciro Barile IT Italian TI Group
2013 (treffen 28) Eindhoven (NL) Computer Fred Kaal NL Developing
Community Ronald Kalwij NL Years supporting TIGG

Details courtesy of Google Trans;ate from extracted December 2014.