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A games module from TI which was later released on disk.

The setting is a ghost town of the 21st Century which comes under attack by a ferocious fleet of invading space monsters called MORGS. After,selecting one of the three skill levels — Novice, Master or Insane — move your schooner space ship with the Remote Controllers and fire your missiles with the fire button.

Tombstone City is your refuge but once out in the open desert you are under constant attack by the Morgs. Every Morg destroyed immediately turns into a saguero (cactus) but accidentally hitting a saguero means zero points. However, obliterating a Morg means you score 150 points and for a tumble weed 100 points.

Keep dodging and outwitting those Morgs because if your schooner is destroyed you only have a maximum 10 new ships per game.

Once in the sanctuary of Tombstone City you can recharge your fuel tanks but be warned, Morgs will close in on all your exits from the town, and if you then shoot and turn them into cacti, they can permanently block every way out. When you are totally sealed in, you will be rapidly expelled from Tombstone City and deposited outside in the desert — completely at the mercy of the Morgs.

Your retreat to sanctuary is, of course, now prevented and the Morgs attack wave after wave until, if your reactions are slow, you are totally zapped!

BUT you can be clever too and thwart the Morgs by darting and firing from advantage positions such as behind sagueros. Destroy all the Morgs and a new day dawns for Tombstone City and you — the fastest gun in the 21st Century!

The cacti were originally shown as tombstones, which fits well with the game title, but at some stage the setting was modified.

If you have the diskette, NOTE: If you want to save the Tombstone City game in memory image format, you must first change the last line from "END START" to "END" and then reassemble the program. Otherwise, the game starts to run as soon as it is loaded, and you will not have a chance to execute the SAVE utility.