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The "Cyc", as it is known, is a great collection of software and documentation that is meant to complement PC99.

Note- It is now supplied on a DVD Rom.

Due to copyright arrangements you must purchase a license for PC99 to get The Cyc. A licence for PC99-Lite is sufficient.

The Cyc contains the following:

  • All TI PHM Modules in PC99 format.
  • All released TI PHD Diskettes in PC99 format.
  • All TI PHM and PHD Manuals in PDF format.
  • Articles by noted TI authors in PDF format.
  • Full text of certain TI books in PDF format.
  • A listing of all books related to the TI.
  • A 1,800 page searchable alphabetical List of TI information in PDF format.
  • PHx lists that shows all TI numbered products (PHM modules, PHD disks, PHT cassettes) in PDF format.
  • Many third-party and unreleased TI modules in PC99 format.
  • Indexes to all major TI publications, and full text of selected magazines in PDF format.
  • User group disk and publication collections in PDF and PC99 format.
  • Information, manuals, and disks from TI vendors in PDF and PC99 format.
  • Thousands of other disks in PC99 format.

The advantages of The Cyc are:

  • There is a unified searchable index
  • Text is reformatted in a standard layout and clear fully readable fonts.
  • Once purchased, updates are available at a lower cost - and new material is added regularly.

More information about the Cyc and PC99 can be found at: http://www.cadd99.com/


Sample from The Cyc showing clarity and style, taken from an entry for LA99ers Newsletter.