Terminal Emulator II

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The Terminal Emulator II module is designed for telecommunications, but in the U.K. no suitable approved modem was initially available to connect the 99/4a to the Post Office network.

TI demonstrated using the TE2 module to link their 99/4A to 'main frame' computers, using the TI computer as an 'intelligent terminal', which has its own programs and passes data to and from the larger computer.

Text to Speech

The module supplied much improved speech facilities using the Speech Synthesiser peripheral.

With a speech synthesiser connected, your program in TI Basic can say anything that you wish it to with the TE II module plugged in. You also have control over pitch and emphasis.

The method used is to open a file: 

and then when you wish your program to say something, you PRINT to this file:


Changing pitch was by means of a special coding looking like:

 100 PRINT #1:"//50 40"

Speech is much faster with TE2, and because there are no limitations on the string printed to the file, you may adjust pronunciation by changing your spelling.

LIST to speech

Would you like your computer to read your program to you? This can be of help when checking a listing to your program, looking for a missing line for instance.