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SUPER SKETCH drawing tablet.

Super Sketch Sketch-Master Model G2400 from Personal Peripherals Inc 1984.

Medium: Cartridge plus tablet. Required: Console only. The tablet plugs into the module port and has all necessary software in the module.

When graphics tablets can easily cost over GBP 300, you don't expect too much for GBP 65... in fact SUPERSKETCH is a remarkable product at the price.

The most significant drawback is a feature of the VDP in our console- when in bit map mode (hi res graphics), each character on screen is divided into 8 rows of 8 pixels. For each row of 8 pixels, only two colours are permitted. When using SuperSketch, this can cause "b1eeding" problems when you try to place three colours in a row. With great care you can reduce the visual effects of this but it is a significant drawback.

SUPERSKETCH uses a movable arm which can be used to trace a drawing, or merely used 'freeform'. A full palette of colours is available, and a good choice of 'brushes'. As drawing straight lines can be difficult, special facilities are provided to assist you. There is a "fill" command also, but if there is even a one pixel gap in the shape, the ink will run out and fill the screen!

Once created, pictures can be saved to cassette ONLY, not to disk, not to printer, although owners with 32k ram may be able to patch in a screen dump program of their own via an interrupt switch (console mod required).

Essentially a toy, Supersketch is a very interesting peripheral for the 99/4A, and seems strongly enough built to be used by the younger members of the family, who could find it to be a very expressive medium. A colour tv should be considered essential for this item! although it can be used with black and white.