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Extensions to built-in features

The installed TI BASIC Language conformed to the ANSI Standard for Minimal BASIC (X3.60-1978).

Several arcane versions of the BASIC dialect added additional commands to it. Very few programs were ever written to take advantage of the additional commands hidden in some of those cartridges (most notable here is the Personal Record Keeping cartridge), while others had considerable effort devoted to them (TI Extended BASIC being a great favorite).

Other cartridges that added specialized commands to TI BASIC were the Terminal Emulator II module, the Mini-Memory module, and the Editor/Assembler module. There were also many third-party extensions of TI Extended BASIC.

  • Mechatronics Extended BASIC II+ incorporated the APESOFT Expanded Graphics routines into their version of the cartridge.
  • Triton included many additional commands in their Super Extended BASIC
  • Winfried Winkler included many additional commands in Extended BASIC III (in extremely limited release by Asgard, but generally only available as a set of files for the HSGPL card)
  • Myarc Extended BASIC II included many of the commands originally planned for inclusion in TI Extended BASIC II (as seen on the TI-99/8), and
  • the Myarc and the CorComp disk controllers added a number of additional support routines to the language.

Rich Gilbertson devised the most recent extended version of the TI Extended BASIC dialect, RXB, which is generally available as a set of program images for a GROM emulation device.

Other cartridges for which a number of available programs exist are the

  • TI Logo I and Logo II modules (available with the commands localized into several different languages, providing several different versions of the same cartridge),
  • FIG Forth V2.0 from Michael Weiand, and
  • templates for the Microsoft Multiplan module.