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The Rob Tempelmans Plat Award is a combined initiative of the Chicago TI Users Group and the Dutch TI Gebruikersgroep. The purpose of this award is to honor the TI-er who has produced the best internet site for the TI community. This award is named for the Dutch employee of Texas Instruments, Rob Tempelmans Plat, who, in 1983, wrote the first assembler program to allow the TI-99/4A to access VIDITEL, a preliminary version of the web.

The awards are judged and made at the annual Chicago Faire in November.

2004 Ron Reuter for Mainbyte's Home of the TI Computers

2005 Thierry Nouspikel for The TI99/4A Tech Pages

2006 Bryan Roppolo Boulder for TI-99/4A Video Gamehouse

2007 Wallid Maalouli for TI-99/4A Game Shelf

2008 Tom Wills and Bill Gaskill for Bill Gaskill's Original TImeline 99

2009 Tom Wills for TI99ers Hall of Fame

2010 Fabrice Montupet for TI-99 Forever (This site has a javascript only menu)

2011 Ernie Pergrem for TI-99/4A Home Computer Book Archive

2012 Fred Kaal for My TI-4A and Geneve Web Pages (This site has a javascript only menu)

2013 Stuart Conner for Stuart Conner's Home Page

2014 Ciro Barile for TI-99 Italian User Club