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Pitfall cartridges.jpeg

Remake of Pitfall! for the unexpanded TI-99/4A. About 14000 lines of assembly code using Spectra2, open source software.

The source code and binaries were released in 2010. You can get it here.

Pitfall! is a jump & run game released by Activision for popular 80's game consoles like Atari 2600 and Colecovision.

From 2008 until 2010 a version for the TI-99/4A was written by "retroclouds". It got released as both disk version and a 32K bank-switched ROM command module.

A limited run of cartridges was made available in 2010. These were based on the popular Jon Guidry boards. The cartridge came with a label and sported a 32K (4x8) bank-switched ROM. This version can even run on the unexpanded TI-99/4A.