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pc99w is an emulator of the TI-99/4a written for Windows by Eric Firestone and distributed by CaDD, as a development from the dos emulation pc99.

pc99w is sold as a suite on dvd or USB stick and comprises of the emulator pc99w, a configuration program, a utility program (eg for disk control), the original DOS emulation pc99 and the full TI encyclopaedia The Cyc.

pc99w is written in native 32 bit code and "installation" involves only copying files, remembering to set them to read/write if the copying process has also copied the dvd read only flag. There is a single ini file which controls the emulator and the two utilities. The two utilities are originally in vb6, and supplied with the required vb6 dll, which is installed with a setup.exe, but transfer to C is a work-to-do.

Module selection is by means of the configuration utility, which can also take care of any disks that the module may require.

As the package includes The Cyc, almost all available modules are included in the package. The TI software has been officially licensed from Texas Instruments. The package also includes the disk software released by TI and many hundreds of disks which were distributed by various user groups.

pc99w was made available to owners of pc99dos from 1st November 2016 and to new owners from 1st January 2017.

CaDD's website is at www.cadd99.com