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This is a list of officially issued TI peripherals for the TI99/4 and 4A having PHP catalog numbers.

  • PHP1100 Wired Remote Controllers
  • PHP1200 Peripheral Expansion System
  • PHP1220 RS232 Interface Card
  • PHP1240 Disk Memory System (disk controller card) (includes Disk Manager)
  • PHP1250 Disk Memory Drive
  • PHP1260 Memory Expansion Card
  • PHP1270 p-Code Card
  • PHP1290 Video Controller Card (preliminary)
  • PHP1300 Hexbus Interface
  • PHP1500 Solid State Speech Synthesizer
  • PHP1600 Telephone Coupler (Modem)
  • PHP1700 RS232 Interface
  • PHP1800 Disk Memory System (Disk Controller peripheral) (includes Disk Manager)
  • PHP1850 Disk Memory Drive
  • PHP1900 Thermal Printer
  • PHP2200 Memory Expansion
  • PHP2300 Video Controller
  • PHP2400 p-Code (Peripheral)
  • PHP2500 TI-99/4 Printer
  • PHP2700 Program Recorder