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Mission of this Wiki

While there are many pages concerning the TI and Geneve, connected by web rings, we still lack some central point where to look for information. The community is still alive, well proved by the Yahoo TI Mailing List, but as with mailing lists and forums, information gets buried after some time.

Therefore, we want to archive the most interesting information, classic and contemporary, in this Wiki. From forums, web pages, news groups, and other locations, we try to gather what shall not be forgot.

Do you know, right now:

  • Where can I find files for the TI?
  • Is there an emulator which runs on the PC?
  • Who can help me with my computer - it seems broken...
  • Where can I discuss new ideas?

Or more technically:

  • How does the TIFILES format look like?
  • How can I transfer my hard drive to the PC and use it in an emulator?
  • What is the best way to transfer files between the TI and the PC?

If you do not know answers to all of these questions - this will be the place to find it. If you do know answers to all of these questions - please help us to fill these pages.

As a Wiki, this site allows anyone to contribute. Ask us for an account.