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TI99/4a Newsgroups:

  • . net.micro.ti was founded in 1984
  • . comp.sys.ti was formed as a part of the reconfiguring of Usenet in 1987
  now on google.groups, javascript mandatory, 
  In first 5 months of 2018, 13 new topics with 53 posts.!topic/comp.sys.ti/
  • . Tom Wills establishes a listserver in 1996 (which helps drive away traffic during that time from comp.sys.ti)
  • . Tom Wills's hosting provider (The River) wants to start charging more as he's using up a lot of bandwidth running his listserver, so he joins eGroups in December of 1999 and shifts operations to there
  • . eGroups is bought by Yahoo! and becomes Yahoo! Groups in 2000:
   now a restricted e-mail listserver. No posts visible to me.
  • . An AtariAge TI forum is started in 2009 and becomes the main TI hangout up to this date.
   Very active, 5000 topics since 2009, 116,000 posts. Over 85 new topics in May 2018 alone.