Myarc Extended BASIC II

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MYARC XB has had a number of versions, the last and definitive version being Vn 2.12.


This has the disadvantage of REQUIRING the Myarc 512k ram card, as the Ex Bas itself resides in RAM. This does allow for some increase in speed. Myarc XB is in the form of a module which contains a loader plus ram, a disk, and a chip for the ram card.

Added features

The Myarc XB has good true bit map graphics, variable screen windowing with both 32 and 40 column text modes.

CALL CHAR is available from 0 to 255 and you may have 32 sprites. There is a full range of bit map graphics commands- draw, drawto, circle, point, rectangle, fill, write, dcolor, and uniquely you can determine if a pixel is on or off.

Added extras include integer and real variables- with integer variables processing a little faster than real ones. You may set a default disk drive and subsequently omit "DSK1" when using OLD and SAVE or RUN. Because more VDP is available, Myarc XB can load AND run those very long TI Basic programs that will NOT load in TI XB, AND the TI Basic extra character sets ARE available in Myarc XB.

You may RUN many program format machine code programs directly. DF8O files written for TI XB may require you to use a utility program to reset VDP registers, or may not function at all.

Myarc XB allows you to run many memory image files which otherwise would require a SuperCart (EdAs with 8k ram) as the Myarc module contains ram in the correct location.