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For Speed 5 and MDOS DSR:

Page for 0000-1FFF Page for 2000-3FFF Page for 4000-5FFF Page for 6000-7FFF Page for 8000-9FFF Page for A000-BFFF Page for C000-DFFF Page for E000-FFFF
EC ED 07 36 EE EF 03 35

For different speeds different kinds of RAM (DRAM vs. SRAM) are used. The ROMPAGE feature sets the 4000-5FFF page value to >BA, which points to the address space of the peripheral card in the box, unlike >07 which contains the MDOS replacement DSR.

The cartridge ROM (6000-7FFF) is always mapped to page 36, while the second ROM page is 37. The GROM pages are 38-3F. Page 03 must be mapped to C000 at all times to enable cartridge access.

Speed selection

The GPL Interpreter allows for selecting the execution speed. Five speeds are selectable. The speed is determined by these settings:

Speed Video waitstates Extra waitstates Page for 0000-1FFF Page for 8000-9FFF
1 x x EC 34
2 x - 33 34
3 x - EC 34
4 x - 33 EE
5 x - EC EE

The memory pages EC, ED, EE, and EF are SRAM pages with 0 waitstate access. Other pages are DRAM pages with one waitstate. Thus, the speed is controlled by waitstates in the GPL interpreter (locations 0000-1FFF) and in the PAD RAM (8300-83FF), which is not the high speed on-chip RAM of the TMS9995 processor (which is always located at F000, regardless of the mapper value).