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Funnelweb, from Tony and Will McGovern in Australia, is a descendant of the [[TI-Writer]] word processor, but has gone
far beyond it.
Funnelweb provides a menu-driven environment into which
you can integrate all sorts of software.
Among the many features of the environment is the ability to catalog a disk without loading a
disk manager, the ability to run all sorts of machine language programs
with the [[Extended BASIC]] cartridge plugged in, and bundled utilities
like a disk editor and a disk manager.
There are word processing and programming versions of the editor portion, and there is support for
80 column cards.
Funlweb was subject to constant improvement to add requested features and to match new hardware and was released in 40 column format for a standard TI99/4a with a 40 column display, and an 80 column format for more advanced systems.
Please refer to:
[[Fweb Editor Vn 5]] for 40 columns released June 1993
[[Funnelweb environment version 4.40]]

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