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A description of how to decode the assembly code of a TI-99/4A

You can find those codes on the bottom side of the case of the console, on the right hand side near by the serial number.

This code contains three blocks of information: One block with three letters, followed by a block of two times two numbers. The first two numbers gives you the number of the week of production, the second two represents the year of the 19'th century. The block with the three letter specifies the country in which the computer is manufactured.

For example there is a code of LTA2483:

LTA stands for Lubbock, Texas, USA
Produced in the 24'th week in 1983

All known manufacturing locations:

Code Location
LTA Lubbock, Texas USA
ATA Amarillo, Texas
RCI Rieti-Citta Ducale, Italy Europe
ACH Almelo, Holland