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Speech in Alpiner

The following phrases are contained in the English version of Alpiner; the number is the GROM address in the cartridge.

A042 Press any key to go on.
A1AA Game over. Press Redo or Back.
A37D Congratulations!
A47D Onward and upward!
A5FD Here we go again.
A726 Look out!
A7A7 Watch out!
A827 Beware! Falling objects!
A9B4 Walked right into that one.
AADB Great moves sport!
ABF9 Harder than it looks, isn't it?
AD60 You forgot to duck!
AE4C You've got to move faster!
AF6B Did you mean to do that?
B0B0 Getting tired already?
B1E2 Better luck next time.
B2EA Oh no!
B3E1 Yuck!
B451 Yikes!
B4D4 Oops!
B524 Ouch!
B58E Awww!
B5BA Ohhh!
B63C Hellllp!