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General notice concerning ROMs

While the simulation of hardware circuits is in no way problematic with respect to copyright (since we produce a new system by observing the behavior of the original one), the distribution of memory contents is generally subject to copyright, and unlicenced distribution is considered an offense by most jurisdictions. Some countries know exemptions in the case of legacy software that is not runnable without the hardware, when the hardware is not available anymore. Other countries do not have corresponding exemptions. So you have to be aware of the following:

The emulator does not ship with any ROMs. There are ROMs available on some servers; use your favorite search engine. But note that most ROMs are distributed on the assumption that you have the original ROMs in hardware that you purchased. Downloading the ROMs of hardware that you do not have may be a copyright violation. In doubt, contact the copyright holders.

Consequently, I will not provide links for downloading these files. Find out by yourself how to get them. The safest way (from a legal standpoint) is to dump the contents from the real equipment if you own such a system.

At least for the TI-99/8 we have a written consent from TI that the ROM contents may be freely distributed. For TI-99/8 ROMs have a look at Planet99.net (login required).

Rumours are that you should also try ftp://ftp.whtech.com/.

ROMs for the TI and Geneve emulations

The ROM dumps used for the TI emulations can be seen in this list. The required files must be present when starting the emulation. If an optional file is missing, the emulation will run, provided that the affected component that needs the ROM is not accessed. You will get a warning message stating that ROMs are missing and that the emulation will probably not run correctly.

Systems may be parents of others. In that case, the child systems borrow the ROM files from the parents if they do not have them in their own ZIP file. This means that if you have the ti99_4a.zip file, you can always launch the European version ti99_4ae since all files are equal, and the ti99_4a is the parent of ti99_4ae.

  • ti99_4 is the parent of ti99_4e (european version)
  • ti99_4a is the parent of ti99_4ae and ti99_4ev
  • ti99_8 is the parent of ti99_8e

MESS is tolerant about the file names inside the ZIP files; the only important key is the hash code. ROM contents are compared by their hash code to make sure that the contents are authentic. Files may be renamed within the ZIP files.

The following table refers to MESS versions 0.145 and higher. The ROM dumps are distributed over a set of ZIP files. Each ZIP file corresponds to a single system or peripheral extension.

System ROMs for TI-99/8

File name Files CRC SHA-1 Description
ti99_8.zip cd2325a.vsm 1f58b571 0ef4f178716b575a1c0c970c56af8a8d97561ffe Speech ROM chip 1
cd2326a.vsm 65d00401 a367242c2c96cebf0e2bf21862f3f6734b2b3020 Speech ROM chip 2
g0_f830.bin 1026db60 7327095bf4f390476e69d9fd8424e98ea1f2325a GROM 0 at address F830 (System)
g1_f830.bin 93a43d65 19be8a07d674bc7554c2bc9c7a5725d81e888e6e GROM 1 at address F830
g2_f830.bin 06f2b901 f65e0fcb2c63e230b4a9563c72f91259b94ce955 GROM 2 at address F830
g0_f840.bin 44501071 4b5ef7f1aa43a87e7ae4f02090944be5c39b1f26 GROM 0 at address F840 (Text-to-Speech)
g1_f840.bin 5a271d9e bb95befa2ffba2cc17ac437386e069e8ff621248 GROM 1 at address F840
g2_f840.bin d52502df 17063e33ee8709d0df8030f38bb92c4322d55e1e GROM 2 at address F840
g3_f840.bin 86c12396 119b6df9211b5399245e017721fc51b88b60879f GROM 3 at address F840
g4_f840.bin f17a2ef8 dcb044f71d7f8a165b41f39e35a368d8f2d63b67 GROM 4 at address F840
g5_f840.bin 7dc41301 dff714da68de352db93fba309db8e5a8ae7cab1a GROM 5 at address F840
g6_f840.bin 7e310a90 e927d8b3f8b32aa4fb9f7d080d5262c566a77fc7 GROM 6 at address F840
g7_f840.bin 3a9d20df 1e6f9f8ec7df4b997a7579be742d0a7d54bc8763 GROM 7 at address F840
g0_f850.bin 2d948672 cf15912d6dae5a450e0cfd796aa36ea5e521dc56 GROM 0 at address F850 (P-Code library 1)
g1_f850.bin 7d64a842 d5884bb2af21c8027311478ee506beac6f46203d GROM 1 at address F850
g2_f850.bin e5ed8900 03826882ce10fb5a6b3a9ccc85d3d1fe51979d0b GROM 2 at address F850
g3_f850.bin 87aaf19e fdbe163773b8a30fa6b9508e679be6fa4f99bf7a GROM 3 at address F850
g4_f850.bin d3e789a5 5ab06aa75ca694b1035ce5ac0bebacc928721388 GROM 4 at address F850
g5_f850.bin 49fd90bd 44b2cef29c2d5304a0dcfedbdcdf9f21f2201bf9 GROM 5 at address F850
g6_f850.bin 31bac4ab e29049f0597d5de0bfd5c9c7bfea902abe858010 GROM 6 at address F850
g7_f850.bin 71534098 75e87123efde885e27dd749e07cb189eb2cc45a8 GROM 7 at address F850
g0_f860.bin 0ceef210 b89957fbff094b758746391a69dea6907c66b950 GROM 0 at address F860 (P-Code library 2)
g1_f860.bin fc87de25 4695b7f979f59a01ec16c55e4587c3379482b658 GROM 1 at address F860
g2_f860.bin e833e350 6ffe501981a1112be1af596a489d96e287fc6be5 GROM 2 at address F860
u25a_pas.bin d7ed6dd6 32212ce6426ceccbff73d342d4a3ef699c0ae1e4 ROM (16K) containing Pascal support
u25_rom1.bin b574461a 42c6aed44802cfabdd26b565d6e5ddfcd689f11e ROM containing ROM1 (16K), Text-to-speech DSR (8K), Hexbus DSR (8K)
u4_rom0.bin 901eb8d6 13190c5e834baa9c0a70066b566cfcef438ed88a ROM0 (only used in 99/4A mode)

System ROMs for TI-99/8 (old dump)

File name Files CRC SHA-1 Description
ti99_8.zip 998grom.bin c63806bc cbfa8b04b4aefbbd9a713c54267ad4dd179c13a3 TI-99/8 system GROMs
998pascal.bin (opt.) 1389589e 42942b99ed355a2c091cc480b15f5329156e6b03 PASCAL GROMs
998rom.bin b7a06ffd 17dc8529fa808172fc47089982efb0bf0548c80c TI-99/8 system ROMs
spchrom.bin (opt.) 58b155f7 382292295c00dff348d7e17c5ce4da12a1d87763 On-board speech synthesizer

System ROMs for TI-99/4

File name Files CRC SHA-1 Description
ti99_4.zip u500.bin aa757e13 4658d3d01c0131c283a30cebd12e76754d41a84a GROM chip 0000-17ff
u501.bin c863e460 6d849a76011273a069a98ed0c3feaf13831c942f GROM chip 2000-37ff
u502.bin b0eda548 725e3f26f8c819f356e4bb405b4102b5ae1e0e70 GROM chip 4000-57ff
u610.bin 6fcf4b15 d085213c64701d429ae535f9a4ac8a50427a8343 ROM chip 0000-1fff high bytes
u611.bin 491c21d1 7741ae9294c51a44a78033d1b77c01568a6bbfb9 ROM chip 0000-1fff low bytes

System ROMs for TI-99/4A and SGCPU

File name Files CRC SHA-1 Description
ti99_4a.zip 994agrom.bin af5c2449 0c5eaad0093ed89e9562a2c0ee6a370bdc9df439 All GROMs 0000-57ff
994arom.bin db8f33e5 6541705116598ab462ea9403c00656d6353ceb85 ROM contents 0000-1fff
ti99_4ev.zip 994agr38.bin bdd9f09b 9b058a55d2528d2a6a69d7081aa296911ed7c0de Modified GROM for TI-99/4A with EVPC
evpcdsr.bin a062b75d 6e8060f86e3bb9c36f244d88825e3fe237bfe9a9 EVPC firmware
ti99_4p.zip evpcdsr.bin a062b75d 6e8060f86e3bb9c36f244d88825e3fe237bfe9a9 EVPC firmware
sgcpu_hb.bin aa100730 35e585b2dcd3f2a0005bebb15ede6c5b8c787366 SGCPU ROM high bytes
sgcpu_lb.bin 2a5dc818 dec141fe2eea0b930859cbe1ebd715ac29fa8ecb SGCPU ROM low bytes

System ROMs for Geneve

File name Files CRC SHA-1 Description
geneve.zip genbt098.bin (opt.) b2e20df9 2d5d09177afe97d63ceb3ad59b498b1c9e2153f7 Boot ROM 0.98 ("Swan")
genbt100.bin 8001e386 b44618b54dabac3882543e18555d482b299e0109 Boot ROM 1.00
gnmbt100.bin 19b89479 6ef297eda78dc705946f6494e9d7e95e5216ec47 GenMod Boot ROM

Peripheral card ROMs

The main advantage of splitting all peripheral ROMs into separate files is that you may decide which expansion to use, in particular which expansion ROM you have or are eligible to use. If you own a subset of the available peripherals, MESS will run with those dumps. In earlier versions you had to live with warnings about missing ROMs.

File name Files CRC SHA-1 Description
ti99_bwg.zip bwg.bin 06f1ec89 6ad77033ed268f986d9a5439e65f7d391c4b7651 BwG floppy controller
ti99_fdc.zip disk.bin 8f7df93f ed91d48c1eaa8ca37d5055bcf67127ea51c4cad5 TI single density floppy controller
ti99_gkracker.zip gkracker.bin 86eaaf9f a3bd5257c63e190800921b52dbe3ffa91ad91113 GRAM Kracker
ti99_hfdc.zip hfdc.bin 66fbe0ed 11df2ecef51de6f543e4eaf8b2529d3e65d0bd59 Myarc hard and floppy disk controller
ti99_myarcmem.zip myarc512k_xb2.bin 41fbb96d 4dc7fdfa46842957bcbb0cf2c37764e4bb6d877a Myarc Memory Expansion with DSR
ti99_pcode.zip pcode_g0.bin 541b3860 7be77c216737334ae997753a6a85136f117affb7 P-Code card GROM contents
pcode_r0.bin 3881d5b0 a60e0468bb15ff72f97cf6e80979ca8c11ed0426 P-Code card ROM bank 0
pcode_r1.bin 46a06b8b 24e2608179921aef312cdee6f455e3f46deb30d0 P-Code card ROM bank 1
ti99_rs232.zip rs232.bin eab382fb ee609a18a21f1a3ddab334e8798d5f2a0fcefa91 TI RS232/PIO adaptor card
ti99_speech.zip spchrom.bin 58b155f7 382292295c00dff348d7e17c5ce4da12a1d87763 Speech synthesizer built-in speech ROM