MESS TI cartridge requirements

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Cartridges from TI or third party had the following features:


  • 8 KiB ROM (address space 0x6000-0x7fff)
  • 40 KiB GROM

Modules could have either one or both. Later consoles refused to mount modules without a GROM (trying to lock out third-party manufacturers).


  • 2 banks of 8 KiB ROM (e.g. Extended Basic)
  • RAM
    • MiniMemory (4 KiB)
    • SuperCart/SuperSpace (4*8 KiB)
    • MBX (1 KiB)

Special features:

  • Parallel Port (word processor)
  • Switches
    • SuperModule (Wiesbaden): Reset, soft reset, select between ROM and loaded GK file
    • GramKracker: 5 front-panel switches
    • MultiCart: Selector
  • Audio out (Forti system)