TI99ers Hall of Fame

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TI-99 Hall of Fame

The TI99ers Hall of Fame is to recognize those in the TI99'er Community who have contributed to the success of the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A and Myarc Geneve 9640 home computers. A committee known as the Board of Governors is responsible for the operations of the TI99ers Hall of Fame.

Nominations will be received from members of the TI99er community and will be voted on by the Board of Governors on a regular basis. The candidates who are elected will then be inducted into the TI99ers Hall of Fame.

  • Jacques Groslouis
  • Stephen Shaw
  • Ottawa TI User Group
  • TI-Chips User Group
  • Richard Bell
  • Bud Mills
  • Ken Gilliland
  • Dennis & Chris Faherty
  • Gene Hitz
  • Mickey Cendrowski
  • Tom Wills
  • Jack Sughrue
  • Chicago TI User Group
  • Clint Pulley
  • Peter Hoddie
  • John Birdwell
  • Fred Kaal
  • James Uzzell
  • Michael Becker
  • Barry Traver
  • Charles Good
  • Cheryl Whitelaw
  • Tony McGovern
  • Bill Gaskill
  • Lou Phillips
  • Jim Peterson
  • Beery Miller
  • MICROpendium
  • Lee Kitchens
  • Art Green

Extracted from http://ti99ers.org/hof/ in December 2014.