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If you come from an earlier version of MESS than 0.145, you should consider this:

  • Hard disks are now stored in CHD version 5 format. You must use chdman to convert your hard disk image if they are stored as version 4 or lower.
  • The HSGPL stores the contents of its Flash ROMs as separate files. You should reinstall your HSGPL; alternatively you must split the file into four pieces at offsets 0x000001 (DSR), 0x080003 (U4), 0x100005 (U1), and 0x180007 (U6); each file is 512K + 2 bytes long. Start MESS and close it again to find out how the files are named.
  • Configuration has considerably changed. The expansion cards are plugged in as separate devices that you either specify on the command line (like -peb:slot8 hfdc) or by using a frontend like QMC2 where you can specify "slot options".